Management Group Members



Ms Christine Vigars – (Area: Older People)
  1. Representative of K&C LINk:
  2. Chair of K&C LINk
  3. Chair of OP Sub-group
  4. Dignity Champion – nutrition
  5. Older People Partnership Board
  6. Dementia Steering Group
  7. Earl’s Court Consultative Committee

Vice Chair

Mr Abdul Towolawi (Area: BME & Older People)
  1. (Co) Vice-Chair of K&C LINk
  2. CEIP
  3. BME Health Forum
  4. Dignity Champion – Safeguarding
  5. Adult Social Care SC
  6. Vice-chair of OP Sub-group

Vice Chair

Ms Margaret Cairns-Irven – (Area: Disability)
  1. (Co) Vice-Chair of K&C LINk
  2. Chair of Disability Sub-group
  3. Adult Social Care SC back-up
Ms Patricia Gani (Area: Disability & Personalisation)
  1. Vice-chair of Disability Sub-group
  2. Health SC back-up
  3. Personalisation Service User Board
Ms Reneta Guninska (Area: Carers)
  1. Carers Forum
  2. Dignity Champion – Nutrition
  3. Young Parents
Ms Gaenor Holland-Williams (Area: Older People and ICHT)
  1. Nutrition Steering Group
  2. Dignity Champion


Mrs Angeleca Silversides (Area: Disability and NHS)

  1. CLCH representative
  2. Imperial representative


Ms Tera Younger (Area: NHS and Commissioning)
  1. NWL NHS representative
  2. INWL NHS Board representative
Mr Norman Hillman (Area: Older People)
  1. Older People’s Sub-group
  2. Dignity Champions

Alison Cameron (New co-opted member)

Organisational Representatives:

Vice Chair
Ms Dahabo Guled – (Area: BME/Somali Women)
  1. Cancer Champion
  2. BME Health Forum back-up
  3. Earl’s Court

Ms Rita Contreras-Cruz (Area: Older People/Kensington & Chelsea Forum for Older Residents)
  1. Earl’s Court Consultative Group back-up
  2. Earl’s Court


Ms Mary Gardiner – K&C Social Council
  1. Community and Voluntary Sector


Mr Suresh Gupta – Kensal Community Association
  1. CEIP back-up
  2. Finance Lead